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With immediate effect, in line with government advice on 23 March we are suspending all training. We are hoping, again in line with advice, to restart courses week beginning 14 April. Any courses booked will be rescheduled or cancelled depending on individual requirements. Any deposits paid will be refunded if the trainnig is not rearranged.  If you have any questions please contact us, either through our contact page or by emailng This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  If you have a course booked and have any concerns please contact us. We will be contacting all parties in the next few days to discuss your individual needs and how best to work together through this time. It is the first time in over 45 years of training I have had to take this kind of action and we all regret this but the health and well being of all involved has to come first.

As the situation progresses we will keep it under review and post on our facecbook page as well as here to keep everyone updated as much as possible.


HSE are not planning any major update to regulations this year but as always the devil is in the detail.

If you are not sure that you are aware of the latest in rules and regulation changes why not book a refresher course to bring your supervisory staff up to speed. Courses can be tailored to suit your work environment and situation making them totally relevant to your business.

Cost of these types of courses is much less than the cost of even a minor accident and associated investigations / downtime / loss of business operation for investigations.

Portable ladder regulations have changed so if you are looking at buying a new ladder now you will not find the 3 categories of ladder that we are used to. Ladders now are categorised as 2 different types. Both comply with EN 131 and are called Professional and Non-professional. If you are buying new ladders make sure they comply with this new rating and get the 'professional' one. Both are rated at 150kg maximum vertical load but the professional one is tested much more rigorously and will last longer. You do NOT need to replace existing ladders if they are in good serviceable condition. Do make sure all your employees are adequately trained in the safe use of portable ladders and working at height.

As from 12 February there is an updated HSE approved first aid kit that complies with BS 8599 standards. If you are buying new first aid kits for your work premises the best thing is to buy the new ones. which have slight changes to the contents. You can, as always, do your own risk assessment and have kits made up to suit your particular work situation, but it may well be easier to buy standard BS complient kits which will suffice unless you have a particular risk that requires certain contents in your kits. Existing 'old' style first aid kits will still be available for a year and current ones are still accpetable. It is at the time of replacing the new ones should be considered.

Supervisors / managers responsibilities

There is a need for their work employees to be supervised to ensure that standards of operation and safety are not being compromised in the pursuit of efficiency and time scales. Training for this type of work is based on management requirements and not operational skills as a machine operator. Are your managers and supervisors adequately trained for this type of work? If not get them trained, it is cheaper than a prosecution following an accident.

Do you keep records of all the training your employees do. Good records are always a good foundation to build suitability and quality of training on as well as proving training previously undertaken.

Breaking news. We are now a Highfields awarding body accredited centre. This means we can now offer accredited fire warden/marshal courses along with food hygeine, up to level 3, for catering, processing and field work. Contact us for more information on this and any other training you may need.

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