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Adam Cock

Adam is the eldest son of our MD, Stephen.

Adam is a married father of two, and spends his spare time with his family, playing rugby or volunteering with the charity LIVES as a community first responder.

For details on how best to contact Adam, click here

Adam's Story

Adam grew up on the family farm, and worked on the farm during school holidays. Upon leaving school Adam went to work in different industries, ranging from Agricultural and MHE dealerships to a timber yard producing telegraph poles and railway sleepers.

During this time Adam has gained a wealth of experience in operating a wide range of equipment from pallet trucks to articulated shovel loaders, industrial counterbalance to lorry mounted cranes. Having spent a total of nearly 20 years working in such a variety of industries has enabled Adam to gain valuable experience on the equipment he trains allowing him to relate easily to real-life situations and scenarios when conducting his courses.

Aside from his MHE training, Adam also undertakes First Aid training, using the wealth of experience gained during his time as a First Aider at work and his voluntary work with LIVES. This level of training and experience enables Adam to give his trainees a real understanding of the practicalities of giving somebody first aid when they require it. This means Adam is placed in the fortunate position of making his training as relevant to real-life as possible.

Reach Truck

Category D1


Categories J2, J3, J4 & J8


Categories M1, M2 & M3


Category C1

Pallet Truck

Categories A1, A2 & A5


Category T1

Cherry Picker

Categories 1B, 3B


Categories 1A, 3A

First Aid

Categories FAW, EFAW, +F

Shovel Loader

Category S1

Fire Safety

Level 1 & Level 2


Categories Tractor Driving & Tractor Driving with Arm Mounted Cutting


Adam can best be contacted through the office on the details on the right.

(01205) 350400

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